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Great puppy store! Owners and workers are super nice and helpful. Answered all my questions. They had a wonderful area to play with the puppies. Very clean. Def recommend buying a puppy here. ALL SO CUTE!!!

Amanda C.

When my wife and I got married I promised her a puppy. She suggested PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders. Our family is happy to purchase puppies from this establishment. We are extremely happy with how the store was run.


I have purchased 14 dogs within the past 11 years. I would NEVER go to another pet provider. I have grand kids and they absolutely love coming with me to this 5 star establishment. The puppies are very alert and so playful. PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders is simply the best. There is no competition!!!!


I have two kids and we often take afternoon walks around the neighborhood. One of the places they love to visit is PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders. Its a great way to sneak in some exercise and education all at the same time. The owner explains to the kids what the different breeds are and the kids love visiting the puppies. When the kids are ready, maybe mommy and daddy will surprise them on afternoon. We love PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders. we would recommend anyone looking for a puppy to check this place out!


I have purchased 2 dogs from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders and they are both outstanding. The family who runs the shop are great. They even boarded my puppy at their own home when I went out of town. Their prices are outstanding as well. I paid half for my dogs as I would have else where. I find it really odd that everyone on here gives PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders 5 stars, then someone comes along and gives them a 1 star rating. Are you some kind of competitor? I would and have highly recommended PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders to all my friends.


Once I stepped into PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders I was won over! I highly recommend anyone and everyone who wants to purchase a puppy, purchase it from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders. I see this guy that is making bad complaints and I think he should do his own research cause PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders tops any competition.


I bought my beautiful Shih-Tzu puppy from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders, and for the first time in a long time, I purchased with confidence. My puppy was loved by my entire family from the day I brought her home. She's such a lady :-) I took her to the Vet in my neighborhood and was given a clean Bill of Health.....not that I needed it, she already came with one. The owners went out of their way to assist me; even when I purchased products from another store. I was given precise details on how to potty train my pup, and I have to say, they were right on Q. I've submitted pics of our new addition to family and friends alike. I received so many comments on how cute muffy is. I've told everyone I know where they can find clean beautiful pups, that won't cost them an Arm, Leg, and a couple of Toes. There is no competition when it comes to PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders. I am so happy I came here. **Tears of Joy**


PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders is really a great place to buy your puppy. I did not see such a pet shop like them. Puppies are so healthy in a clean environment. Management also allows you to play with their puppies even if you don't buy yet. I am very much happy to buy my cute chihuahua whose already 6 months with me. I would highly recommend them to my friends anyone who love puppies.


I have never bought a puppy from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders, but I go there often and play with all the puppies, I have never seen any sick puppies, all the puppies are clean and friendly. The place is very clean and doesn't smell like other pets stores, you can tell these people care about their puppies. I would recommend them to anyone I know, and when I am in a better situation to buy one, I will buy mine from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders, until then I will keep visiting and playing with their puppies, which is another great thing that they allow!


Hi, I got my shi tzu from PuppiesForSaleLocalBreeders and owner are so professional on dealing with me, even very suggestive on how to take care of my new puppy, the place is clean and tidy. I will definitely go back there to purchase another one.



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