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Cavachon puppies for sale in Georgia, Cavachon local dog breeders in Georgia

The Cavachon Dog Breed Introduction

Cavachon puppies for sale, Cavachon local dog breeders

Breed Characteristics

Activity Level


Noise Level


Other Pet Compatibility


Grooming Necessity


People Friendliness


Shedding Level





Hybrid Origin:  The Cavachon is a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise.

Country of Origin:  Cavachons originate in the United States of America.

Original Purpose:  The Cavachon is a great family companion.

Cavachons are very intelligant and are easily trained.

The Cavachon continuously grows hair and requires daily grooming.

Life Expectancy:  Average life expectance for the Cavachon is 10 - 13 years and sometimes even longer.

 source site: The International Designer Canine Registry


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